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» Last in 2011 and back to school !
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 10:00 PM | 3 love letter(s)

Assalamualaikum and helli my blog readers, this is my last last last post in 2011.

I know everyone already had a plan to spend this last day of 2011 with your friends and family. BUT, i didn't have a plan, my friends didn't date me and i didn't dare to date my friends too. They will spoil all my plan, NOT the first time already. 

Everyone will countdown outside there, and i will countdown inside here! sob~sob. Hmmm, let us think about the past. I entered form 2, study in KRK crazy class. Start playing Facebook, more blog post. Twitter . . . 
I get bad result for Science for the first time! my result is more better than before. hurmm, nevermind. 

I keep long hair again this year! =D
most happy. 

Get a new phone from my papa <3 thanks papa for the iPhone. but i really-really want iPhone 4s not iPhone 4! haha :D its okay papa. Thanks again :* 
Dye my hair for the first time and more . . . 

Okay school holiday is going to an end. everyone will going back to school - meet friends. teachers and some more of your enemies -.-. Since the holiday going to end, are you preparing to go back to the SCHOOL LIFE ?  im excited for my form 2 life ~ But i think it will make me busy ! ( Tuition + those homeworks ) . I really miss those day i had in form 1 life. Lets welcome our form 2 life friendssss.Hmmm, some seniors are moving away to college / UNI and some juniors are moving to our school. Say the truth, im not very like juniors that are they think they are right -.-. Some juniors are so friend with me, RIGHT?

2011, in school.
I did many things, happened many funny things. Some more i stepped in counselling room for the first time. Teachers praise me for my result, Teacher scold me, Bitches scold me and making noise in class.
I wont forget that i sit with JAJA, My BFF. But sometimes she went to find her NEW BFF, Make me jealous.HAHAHAHA !

Tution, next year ( Preparing for PMR year 2013).
ill be tution everyday. =( so thats mean i will not online anymore ( maybe ).
miss yaa.

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