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» Anyeong ! ^^
Saturday, January 14, 2012 | 10:59 PM | 0 love letter(s)

Assalamualaikum// fellas ! did u miss me ? you did ? ouhh thanks :') haha ! stop -.- okay aescha jarang update blog sebab line at rumah aescha nihh macam siput jehh. online sekejap * WEBPAGE NOT AVAILABLE * HUH ! i hate hate and hate .. sorry for my broken english kawan :) 

Banyak hal bulan nihh dan bulan hadapan aescha perlu buat. Kerja kursus belum siap sepenuh nya -.- aduhh ! susah laa nakk online kalau macam nihh. haiyaa, its okay. aescha tak banyak nak cakap hari ini Imma Speechless Girl itulah saya ! Scha tak pandai nak taip entry post banyak banyak macam korang. Scha pandai edit blog jehh :( 

Im done, Goodbye !


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