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» Hi or hey?! I'm back!
Saturday, November 8, 2014 | 10:47 PM | 0 love letter(s)

Hey! I'm back. Yeah, I'm back. Ahhh, I really miss my blog. I was extremely busy with my twitter account and tumblr. So follow me and mention me if you want a followback but hey, I'm not that friendly tho hahahaha uhm okay, do you see that gif? I mean the picture above? Well that's my idol everyone, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Well, none of them are my favorite hahaha jk all of them are my favorite especially calum, the asian one lol hahaha no, actually he's a scottish+kiwi. Yeah, calum is my favorite member. I don't even know why I'm so crazy about him. I'm crazily in love with him like seriously can I just meet him and marry him? *but the answer is no* WOW! Look at me, I'm fangirling hahaha oops so sorry. I'm a full time fangirl by the way. Okay I guess that is all for now. I have alot of things do to. And yeah you know, I'm turning 17 next year and I will be facing SPM! Wow 17 and SPM. I don't know why but that is too much for me. Getting old, SPM and leaving school. Hm, next year is gonna be a big year for me. I should be studying right now but the internet won't let me hahaha I really need to change. I really need to reach my goals. 9As in SPM. InsyaAllah. Okay the, goodbye forreal! 

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